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Adventure awaits. Brought to you by an experienced, excited, & community-driven leadership team. Join a community that is passionate about quality of gameplay, PVP, raids, bossing, gambling & more. Join the only RSPS that measures quality of content, not amount of donations.


latest game news

Elite Bosses!

Posted by Blurred
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Wildy Bosses have been released! You can kill these bosses if you see an announcement from world events! These bosses drop some of the best gear in the game but don't spawn very often so keep an eye out! You can get to this boss by using the command ::wildyevent

Please Report any bugs related to these new bosses to admins and we are interested in your suggestions on improvements etc and on the next wildy boss. You can read the recent update logs on our discord by clicking read more.

Extreme Group Ironman!

Posted by Blurred
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Gather your friends together Extreme Group Ironman has arrived! You can team up with a group of 5 people with 5x experience mode and a 8% droprate boost. You also have a group ironman bank to share goods with your group.

Don't forget to grab your Extreme Rapier from the Extreme NPC

We are also helding a competition for all Extreme GIM Groups!

- Competition Ends 30/04/2022 -

Collection Log Entries:

1ST: 100 Donator Credits Each 2ND: 50 Donator Credits Each 3RD: 25 Donator Credits Each

Earned FOE Exchange Points:

1ST: 100 Donator Credits Each 2ND: 50 Donator Credits Each 3RD: 25 Donator Credits Each

Pets Gained:

1ST: 3 Ultra Mystery Boxes each 2ND: 2 Ultra Mystery Boxes each 3RD: 1 Ultra Mystery Box Each

TOB Completions:

1ST: 3 Ultra Mystery Boxes each 2ND: 2 Ultra Mystery Boxes each 3RD: 1 Ultra Mystery Box each

To view the leaderboard type ::egimtop

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our content

Automated Tournaments
Battle in fun automated tournaments and win rewards.
Event Bosses
Kill event bosses as a community for awesome rewards.
We support gambling so duel arena is enabled and even have a gambling area for scam proof flower poker.
Group Ironman
Assemble a group and work together to be the best team. Go extreme mode if you want an extra challenge.

some of our game features

Free to play

No content is behind a paywall at Blurred. Ascend to the top of the leaderboards, become a powerful raider, or create a tight-knit gambling community all without spending $1. We also do many giveaways for free donator credits so you don't need to spend a dime but all donations are appreciated.


Blurred is proud to be one of the only Semi-Custom PVM Osrs servers left, Much of the RSPS community just want full pikachu customs or Pking, we are a different breed of old school players.


We allow gambling and have fully scam proof flower poker & duel arena gambling on Blurred & Remember to only bet what you can afford to lose though ;)

Balanced economy

Whether you enjoy plundering the Chambers of Xeric all day, relentlessly ragging opposing clans in the wilderness, training your account to reach #1 on the hiscores, or any other of the countless activities Blurred has to offer, you can rest assured remain competitive in our economy.

Fair XP rates

We offer multiple game modes, ideal for the hardcore & casual player alike. In extreme mode, you trade harsh XP rates in exchange for higher drop rates and other perks. Regular mode is the easiest to get into late-game activities with, and offers a normal drop-rate multiplier.


No matter who you are, where you come from, or how you enjoy spending your time, Blurred has a place for you. Each staff member from our Owners to our Server Supports regularly engages with our community. Enjoy a variety of server-sponsored daily events and competitions.